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Funfetus is a baby character that Albert created in the Roblox game "Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid".


Funfetus is a toddler character that Albert created in ANNOYING BABY IN ROBLOX. At the start of the video, he gets a mother and tests her to see if she is a good mother, in the end, she fails the test and Funfetus goes somewhere else. He then joins Life in Paradise to see a group of kids insult a Guest. He then follows them to see what they're doing and the Guest the kids were making fun of "touches them" and Funfetus is left uncomfortable. After getting kidnapped and left on the road, he falls in love with a girl who exclaims that "He's a baby" so she can't date him unless he grows up. Eventually, Funfetus grows up so he can date her and he gets a kiss. She then tries to kidnap Funfetus but is sent to the underground and falls through the map. There was then an argument about how Funfetus stole the baby's toothpaste so he could use it. Eventually, his former wife exclaims that Funfetus is not the father anymore. He eventually meets a person named Chloe who wants to adopt Funfetus. Due to the fact that she saved him from getting hit by a car, he agrees quickly and names him Alex. He then lives life with them and sees some drama with people cheating on each other. Eventually, Funfetus throws Sarah off the map and presumably kills her.


  • He has incredibly strong legs, which can sustain his entire body weight when wrapped around a pole.