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He Frank he dead

"i'm frank me dead"

Frank is a major character in ROBLOX MINESHAFT...


Frank is the guide for smalllittleboy22222, Wweemeowser, YahnirMax, Bendy131513, Brownboyyy2011, Michaelafirefighter, Broteryu, Meena9874, Thgdsgjm and LordAngel2010. While they're going down an elevator a monster appears and tries to kill them all but Frank just says that he always gets chills in the elevator, when they exit and go inside the mine Frank tells them to take a look around themselves just stay with him Frank goes to the power room to switch the light to fix the elevator but Frank is locked inside where the same monster from before enters with him and he is ripped to shreds and all the tourists can hear is his screams the monster later opens the door and goes on a murderous rampage. Almost at the end of the ruined trip smalllittleboy22222 and wwemeowser are the only survivors and find a strange red artifact Franks ghost appears and tells them the truth about the mine little under 100 years ago Frank used to be a part of a mining crew and the uncovered the monster who bounded all of the miners souls to the artifact one of them being Frank. Smalllittleboy22222 destroys the artifact and frees Frank along with all the other miners.