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For Her:) is a game created by Cloudy_Vibes25x.


This game was made, dedicated to whoever Cloudy_Vibes25x was dating at the time. It was one of the eight games created by Cloudy_Vibes25x, and debuted in He made her a cringey Roblox game After Albert's video was made, the game had a skyrocket of visits which quickly died down, and eventually got content deleted.

Current Description[]

[ Content Deleted ]


The map consists of a stone path surrounded by flowers which lead to a swing with a fountain and cherry blossom tree beside it. Above the stone path is a structure which is covered in overgrown cherry blossoms, with a pink-and-white selling stand from the back of it. Behind the swing, there is a black wall with lights and a heart which says "Juni". Next to the black wall, there is a bin of lavender flowers and a tree house, and some random floating letters behind the black wall.


He made her a cringey Roblox game