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FonPonGuy is a Roblox account, given away by "Roblox Free Accounts!" to Albert Spencer Aretz, in his video, Dumbest Roblox videos people have uploaded ....


He was created (and then immediately given away) on January 4, 2022 by the Youtuber "Roblox Free Accounts!", a channel dedicated to giving its viewers free Roblox accounts. Albert originally tried ShuChuPlab, but the password didn't work, so when he tried FonPonGuy, he got it to work, and immediately took advantage of it, saying "your account is mine now". He quickly changed the password, but complained that the account had nothing on it. Albert then changed his About description and avatar, with it saying, "This is FonPonGuy's mom... fonponguy died in a car crash", and gave him a Bandage shirt which was the closest thing to a Rest in Peace shirt. Albert also created "RIP FONPONGUY" game as a place to say their respects to him, who had died in a car crash, which he does depict in the game.



  • As Albert did tell his viewers to visit his game, which once had over 46.6K visits to his game.
  • FonPon has grown a small community consisting of users calling themselves FonPonGuys family.
  • Small referential games have popped up in the first hours of the new video such as: Jury For FonPonGuy and Our family home
  • Either through the Semi-truck or the grave, a virus that Albert was unaware of, had allowed exploiters to randomly fling people in the game, which many complained about and were aware of too.
  • From the video "Albert actually steals a kid's account" made by Flamingo Shorts, the person of Roblox Free Accounts! made a response video, saying that everyone who said it was his fault was stupid.
  • Today, as of this point, FonPonGuy's description is currently "this is fonponguy's mom, fonponguy was never d3@d it turns out." , and the game is back up! ( haiii!!! its me, the fonponguy kid :P some kid said that the acc was hacked, i just got it back thru roblox support! :3 )