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fngngfnghf is an account used by Albert in the video, ROBLOX MY RESTAURANT where he uses fng to make a game based on the sandwich company, Subway.


Albert made fngn on July 27, 2020, under the purpose of using the account to make a Subway game where he could troll people. Albert managed to get fngn 35,000 robux, which he used for advertisements of the Subway game.

Albert joins the Subway game as fngn and asks a player named Amberisanimation what she would have to whichshe tells him to surprise her so Albert kills Amber with a revolver. Albert servers two more players and then attempys to order a sub from skkakaxllld, who went on the cashier's side but ends up shooting skk when they don't respond. Albert kills a player named hank54928 as well soon after. Albert is shown to be confused on why the noobs seem to usually be behind the counter, despite Albert not giving them constant to do so. Albert kills hank and floaties4 after they become an annoyance to him.

Albert joins another server with two players, Tile912 and tomchad53. Albert kills tomchad after serving the latter a sandwich because he didn't pay for it.  Albert plans to topple the store on Tile and tomchad, along with two more players that joined. However, Albert's plan goes wrong when, along with the Subway, the whole base plate gets unanchored which leads to endless circle of death which causes Albert to leave the game.

Later on, Albert shuts down the Subway game and then presumably abandons fngn afterwards.