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Flicker is a Roblox game that's based off the card game Mafia.


When joining the game, you spawn in the main lobby and enter a waiting room before you start a game. Once in a server, you select the gender you want to be, and you vote for the map you want to play in. Whichever map gets the most votes is played on. Then, you are assigned an alias (who you're going to be for the round), and a role. The murderer and other roles that can kill will strike at night, and during the day, the players will choose someone to vote out of the house. At the end of one night If all members of the evil tem are voted out, the civilians win. If not, the game continues. This repeats until all members of the evil team are voted out, or if there are only 2 people left (a member of the evil team and a civilian), which will be the evil teams victory.


Good Team[]


The player given this role is allowed double the public votes. They vote during 'the blackout'.

(Investigators cannot vote again during the main player vote. Lead role).

In version 3.0.0, the Investigator was replaced with the Detective. Each night, they will be given 2 or 3 clues to help them figure out who is on the good or evil team.


Every night, the player granted this role can reveal up to one other player's role, uncovering if the chosen player is the murderer or not.

(You don't get to know the chosen player's role.)


Every night, the player granted this role can protect one player from being murdered for a single blackout. In version 3.0.0, the medic can save themselves, instead of someone else.


Once per round, the savior can revive one person, it is recommended they revive someone from the good team.

Muffin Man[]

Every night, the player granted this role is allowed to deliver a muffin to one player every blackout.


The spy can bug someone every time the lights go out. Once they go back on, they will have a report on everyone that visited the person that the spy bugged.


If one twin is killed or protected, the effects will show for the other twin also


Basically do nothing but try to survive the murderer.

Evil Team[]


Every night, the murderer can choose a player to kill during each blackout. (Lead role). They do not know who the assassin is, but the assassin does.


The assassin is like the murder, except they can only kill one person per round and the medic can't save the victim. The assassin also knows the murderer.

Dark Psychic[]

The dark psychic functions like the psychic, but they try to help the evil team instead of the good team.


The scout functions exactly like the spy.


The witch can block someone's power (ability) for the whole night. The only person they cannot use it on is the murderer.


  • Albert usually makes a video on Flicker when the developers come out with a new update.
  • JJ Studios added a character based on Albert into Flicker.

Albert in Flicker