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Flamingo plays Friday Night Funkin Week 7


Albert starts a video showing everyone Laughability tweet. Which he then announces that himself going to play the Friday Night Funkin video game. Albert tells other Kaden in the background to replace himself with another Kaden(Cardboard cutout of Kaden.) Kaden follows the direction and, Albert told him to leave. Albert then told everyone that Week 7 of Friday Night Funkin came out. He then searches up his last video on Friday Night Funkin and tells viewers that he usually does not expect people to watch his video. Then accused the creator of the game of being a Flamingo fan. He then played Week 7 of Friday Night Funkin in Normal Difficulty. The cutscene glitch. Albert proceeds to beat Tankman(The opponent of Week 7.) first song. Albert lost to the second song. Albert then danced a bit and then explained his new strategy for beating Week 7. He then played Week 7 second song again and lost to the second song again.  Tankman then insult Albert. Albert then changed the difficulty to easy and played Week 7 again. Albert then proceeds to beat the second song and censors the third song cutscene because of Tankman's cussing. Albert then finishes Week 7. Albert then tries to beat Week 7 again but in normal difficulty. Albert lost in the second song again. Albert then reveals that it 2 AM in the video and, he was in the arcade playing the "dance dance revolution thing." Albert proceeds to lose again and tells viewers going play John Roblox Mod when it came out.



  • This is second video that Albert played Friday Night Funkin.