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Flamingo has admin are a series of ads that show a depiction of Albert using admin commands.


Before the Flamingo has admin ads, there were some ads made by a group which depicted famous YouTubers "playing their game." Of course, this was just for some place visits.

Flamingo Has Admin Beginnings[]

The Flamingo has admin started with the roleplay prison game, Stateview Prison by rez_b where he played their game and he used admin. However, there are some ads that use the Flamingo has admin, but when he plays them, it doesn't give him any admin. Flamingo has admin ads still happen to this day and sometimes Albert is used without it saying Flamingo has admin. In most videos, even ones that are irrelevant to admin videos, there's at least 5 "FLAMINGO HAS ADMIN" ads that pop up on his screen. He usually ignores them, but if the player/group that made the ad are lucky, he'll notice them and click on them for a video or just for some laughs.

FlAmiNgO hAs aDmiN aT my rObLoX gAmE

Thumbnail of a video Albert made on the trend.