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This article is about the Roblox hat. For other users, see Flamingo (disambiguation).

Flamingo is a hat on the Roblox UGC Catalog created by user DieSoft.


The Flamingo hat is seen to be pink with two little feathers on his head with a white patch around his face. His eyes are closed as he is seen to be angry with pink cheeks, an orange beak with black at the tip, open wings, and a small body. If it is on your avatar, it can replicate the Flamingo pecking your head.


After the success of the Felipe hat, DieSoft didn't really make anything Flamingo related until they collaborated again making the "Flamingo" hat on February 19, 2020, which cost 50 Robux. It did not seek that many sales until Albert made a video about it called WE MADE A ROBLOX FLAMINGO HAT! Along with that hat, there is also a Flamingo Beak [1] based on the beak the Flamingo has. As of February 20, 2020, the page is on the front page of the catalog and has 10K favorites.


  • The hat is based on the same one from the profile picture for the Flamingo channel that is pecking Albert.