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Flamingo’s Wife is a mannequin who debuted in Albert's new merch made something terrible happen and also appears in Flamingo's wife.... She is also known as Female Slenderman due to her lack of facial features. She was created by Albert.


Her personality is not currently known since she rarely talks in the videos she appears in. When she does speak, she speaks in “wing dings”.


She was lit on fire by Albert to advertise his new merch, she was one of 2 characters to die that video.


  • Albert has stated that Flamingo’s Wife is the scariest mannequin he has created.
  • She is currently the only mannequin that spoke..
  • In her first appearance, she had hair.
  • All of her appearances have been to advertise Flamingo’s merch.
  • Flamingo’s Wife in “Flamingo’s Wife...” is likely a different mannequin than the one in the original video. Even so, she is portrayed as the same character in both.
  • She most recently appears in USE STAR CODE FLAMINGO.