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"MWAH!" - Flamigo/Time Thief after kissing someone


Flamigo is a character made in Robloxian Highschool for the purpose to advertise Flamingo's youtube channel. Flamigo debuted in ROBLOX PLEASE GET RID OF THIS AVATAR... Flamigo frequently "kisses" people by bowing down to them. Albert uses Flamigo to troll some people. Another name for this character is "The Time Thief" because Albert uses Flamigo to waste people's time.


  • Albert uses "Flamigo" to "advertise' his youtube channel.
  • Flamigo apparently kisses alot in the video.
  • This character actually doesn't have a name, but it's named "Flamigo" because Albert advertise his youtube channel spelled "Flamigo" but it's better to call this character the Time Thief.
  • Flamigo has 2 different forms, no noob head and with the noob head
  • Albert uses Flamigo to waste someones time, and that's why it's called "The Time Thief".