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Fingerman57 is a user that appears in Albert's video 'ROBLOX THE SURVIVAL GAME' and is first seen mining rocks.


He also the leader of the Yellow tribe and he makes a great leader. He has orange hair yellow shirt and pants and is wearing the Sigmund face, (which uhh "fun?" fact, has a description that says: "Tell me more about your parents".

🤨🤨🤨...) fingerman me?


when albert arrived on a new island he met up with fingerman, They later became friends and created a tribe. When albert decided to explore a new island he almost died to another player which made fingerman concerned. When albert arrived back he told fingerman he was safe. Albert than later told fingerman that chicken_nugget is evil so fingerman gave albert tools but eventually fingerman got slaughtered.

When albert died albert said that fingerman failed him and albert left the tribe.

Albert than changed his goal to get rid of fingerman albert even spoken to oracles which after he spoke to the oracle fingerman appeared behind, Albert was about to kill him but fingerman reset and Albert picked up his skull

The death of fingerman[]

Fingerman57 sadly dies due to low hunger causing his health to be low which results to him dying easily to a random tribeless player who is weilding a wooden club a club. The killer's username is supperkidxx.


  • Fingerman has his own group
  • When somebody posted a tweet about fingerman, Albert re-tweeted the post with the re-tweet saying "i cant believe it’s been 2 years and 6 days since i stormed the capitol building"