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Filthco! is a Roblox roleplay store game created by Filthco. It is a myth game that is connected to Grocery Gang. The Roblox Myth Group.


Filthco! is a game about a store of the same name. The store sells food such as green apples and milk. Inside the store there is also several stuff such as Amazook boxes, cameras, computers and a cage.

As of 25th of July, the Filthco store is currently closed to normal players. However, you can still get inside the store by glitching boxes in the walls and getting flinged inside as a result.




Filthco! is a game connected to the Grocery Gang group as it was created and moderated by members of the group. It first appeared in the Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me... video, where 74j showed the store to Albert. Albert got hired as a worker there and spent the entire video exploring the store while also finding out about several secrets.


  • BiggxeCheese, one of Grocery Gang members, has visited the Filthco store several times and killed players there.
  • Filthco! sells expired milk, but Filthco (The Owner) doesn't like to admit it.

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