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This article is about the player, for information about the game see Filthco!.

Filthco is a member of the Grocery Gang myth group. He acts like the boss of the store of the same name as him.


Like 74j said, he doesn't care about anyone unless they can make money for him. He is very polite to a lot of people like Mrflimflam and MSNlord. However he can also be pretty mean at his workers if they aren't doing a good job or if they did something wrong.

He trusts Albert enough to give him full access to the store's controls, but he will fire him if he do something wrong. He also doesn't believe in anormal things such as DOODAD attacking Albert.

He speaks in terrible grammar and in full caps similar to other myths.


Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me...[]

Albert and 74j join the Filthco! game and, there, Albert becomes a filthco worker. There, Filtcho speaks in bad grammar and in full caps all the time, and keeps being mean to FiltchoWoerker1.

Filthco shows Albert the rest of the store, apresents him to some people like MSNlord and DOODAD until he finally gives Albert a position; he puts Albert in a place he can surveil everyone through cameras.

At some point Albert claims he has seen DOODAD, but Filthco doesn't believe and assumes he is lying. At some point Filthco also arrests Bricky_Little for trying to steal something.

After Albert and Bricky_Little start being chased by DOODAD, Filthco keeps sending messages about how he lost customers and workers and is never seen again.

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