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He appeared around the end of the I use ADMIN to tell people their FUTURES... and make them COME TRUE video.


Fgteevbeast2010 (fgteev beast for short) was a player that appeared during the fortune telling video mentioned above. His first sighting was when Albert teleported to two girls arguing called Gracie and Øcean (Yes that "Ø" symbol was in her RP name) over friendship. While Albert was spectating the scene, fgteev beast came up with the heart gear saying "ladies". At that point he became the main person that Albert focused on till the end of the video. Then another guy came called Kapy who was presumably Gracie's and Øcean's friend. At that point fgteev beast took out the teddy bear and said "hey what's up" trying to get the girl's attention which he never succeeded in during the video. Albert decided to interrupt the argument between Grace and Øcean by muting Gracie and using the talk command to speak for her. He made her say "i like fgteev so much dont tell him though" and Øcean thought she was serious and replied with "Ok". Albert then made Gracie say "Oh.. hi fgteev" which probably cought the attention of fgteev beast. Øcean then asks if Gracie and her can be friends and Albert made Gracie say "YES". After that Fgteev beast went downstairs and Albert went after him, unmuting Gracie in the process and leaving her to deal with Øcean. Fgteev beast sat on a chair and Albert asked him if he wants to know his future. Fgteev beast replied with "do you know where fgteev is" implying that he wants to find the real FGTeeV YouTuber. Albert says "Yes I do actually" and proceeds to tell fgteev beast that in the near future he will meet the real FGTeeV YouTuber. Fgteev beast asks Albert what is a TV which made him laugh. Then Albert looks for a model to insert in game on studio with the phrase "FGTeeV" and finds two big capsules with eggs that have the woman face on. Albert comes back and sees that fgteev beast asked "Where is he". Albert inserted the model he found in the game but fgteev beast didn't understand that Albert wanted to show him those and kept asking for FGTeeV. Albert then took an avatar from a fan account and pretended to be FGTeeV. Fgteev beast believed him and started telling Albert that he watches all the videos and that he is a big fan. Albert thanks him and tells him to follow his dreams. Later he kills fgteev beast. Albert teleported back to him and fgteev beast asked about "where is fgteev chase". Albert did not know who Chase was and transformed into Big Daddy to kill fgteev beast. After that the video ends.


He seems to be very nice saying "Ladies" and "hey what's up". He also seems to care about the FGTeeV family in real life. Asking what Chase is currently doing.

Fgteev beast loving

fgteevbeast showing love to Gracie and Øcean


  • Fgteev beast seems to be a kid based on his numbers on his username and his attitude. He would probably be 9 years old when the video was published. He also asked what is a TV which is really weird.
  • He seems to be active in the FGTeeV community since he knows noticed that Chase disappeared from videos.
  • By 2023 he would be 13 years old if 2010 was really the year he was born in.


  • "Ladies"
  • "Hey what's up"
  • "What is a TV"
  • "Do you know where fgteev is"
  • "Where is fgteev"
  • "Are you fgteev ######"
  • "I am a big fan really"
  • "I watch all your videos"
  • "Where is Fgteev Chase"
  • "is fgteev Brian I watch a"
  • "what is fgteev Chase"