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Felipe_12278 is a random ROBLOX user that Albert tried turning into the next TIFANY MAYUMI in Trying to make someone a Roblox celebrity... *they're gonna be really confused* where he followed him around in Robloxian Highschool. As 2020 he gained 3,039 Followers but it seems he hasn't been active since 2019.


Albert desperately tried making Felipe into the next TIFANY MAYUMI, just a random player (that probably doesn't speak English) into a huge celebrity with them having no idea what is going on. Unlike Tiffany, Felipe_12278 is not very active on ROBLOX.

Along with that, Albert formed a song based all around Felipe, which got a hit in Cart Ride into Flamingo.


Felipe_12278's current outfit is seen wearing Blonde Spiked Hair, Smile, Green Jersey, and Ripped Skater Pants