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"Felipe has seen a lot in life despite not having an iris."
Diesoft's description of Felipe on his UGC hat.

Felipe is a Styrofoam head created by Albert who debuted in Roblox artist drew WEIRD THINGS... *banned*


Felipe is a white Styrofoam Head with pitch-black eyes, red lips, and has hair on the left and right side of his head but has none at the top of his head. He is also sometimes depicted to have his ears be bleeding. His reconstructed version looks about the same with clay covering most of his face and ears. He has brown eyes but has black ones being the iris and has bright red lips and keeps the side hair with his eyes being further apart. The UGC features a hat based off his original design. 


Felipe is a Styrofoam head created by Albert. It doesn't take long for Albert to start abusing him in his debut episode as he shoves his mouth into his microphone. Many people made fan games about Felipe's torture, which is shown in ROBLOX FELIPE'S REVENGE. In Albert Flamingo FELIPE REVEAL, he gets a makeover with clay, this is also the same episode where Albert makes his wife, Felipa. In Albert Flamingo's new friend )  Albert confirms Felipe is indeed dead, and spawns a new generation of stryofoam headed figures. 

Survive Albert

On September 3rd, 2019, development for Survive Albert started and was released in The Albert Flamingo ROBLOX GAME. Felipe is the main antagonist of the game as he attacks the players by stretching his head whilst saying "flamingo." In the volcano update, he comes out of the volcano every 5 minutes to destroy chunks of the map.

Felipe Hat

On October 15th, 2019, UGC-user DieSoft made a Felipe hat in collaboration with Albert for 50 Robux. The hat has become very successful being the 2nd most bought UGC hat (not counting Cartoony Santa since that's off-sale) and having 61k favorites as of January 22nd, 2020.

Admin Command

In My custom Roblox FELIPE ADMIN COMMANDS... Albert uses a new admin command that was added to Island Life where he can make Felipe look like a monster. Like the other admin command videos he makes, he trolls and kills players with the command. 



  • Albert was either going to name Felipe his current name or Tyler.