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*Felipa was created by Albert. She made her debut in Albert / Flamingo FELIPE REVEAL.


After her husband got a makeover, Albert decided that he would make Felipe a hot girlfriend. He was originally going to do another Styrofoam head, but due to him messing up on it, he destroyed it with "the Kiss of Death" and showed the real Felipa he made. Albert then shows exclusive footage of Felipe and Felipa meeting for the first time. Albert's depiction of it is that they kiss when they first met each other and got married. In Albert did something terrible to Felipe... Albert unboxes a mannequin that he got from online shopping. He then builds the mannequin and says "It's our new Overlord!" Albert didn't realize that he got a face with the mannequin so he hits it with a hammer... At first, he was going to use a normal blank Styrofoam head, but he instead uses Felipa as the head of Overlord.