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"Charlie can do it al"

-Falga7 to Albert


Falga7 is a player on the cleetus is too fat for roblox cart rides .... video. He looked to be a noob with the regular bacon hair avatar. He would often change his attitude from being very nice to mean and aggressive. He appeared to have good grammar unlike many noobs that appeared on Flamingo's videos. At times when he was nice he would talk about someone called "Charlie" and call out to her. But there was no "Charlie" in the server nor was Albert's account called "Charlie". When Falga was annoyed he would get aggressive saying things like "STOPPPPPPP NOW!!!!!!". He would outright be demanding. Telling people to stop annoying/bullying him. Albert took notice of this and started teasing Falga a little pushing his cart and saying "Omg Charlie must've did this!". Albert also asked "who's charlie" but Falga didn't respond. Falga would sometimes spam the "😭" (cry) emoji. At one point Falga7 was riding a cart and Albert started pressing the "back" button so the cart would start going backwards. Falga then spammed the crying emoji while riding his cart back to the spawn. After that he crashed into two carts with other people. Causing the 3 carts to go into each other. Falga then went insane. Laughing histerically. Saying "HAHAHAHA" towards everyone. Later Albert took him to the end of the cart ride. During this Falga was screaming "STOPPPPPPPPP". After they arrived he got off and sayid "Thank u". The video ends with Albert knocking Falga into the void with his cart by accident. It was never confirmed who Charlie really was.


  • His bio now reads "Don't be rude...when they bully u you should run away don't be rude or say anything bad words so just don't become evil or rude and bully and done....YOU'RE THE BEST ;)" which shows Falga's good side.
  • There is a theory that the supposed Charlie was actually just some sort of "Placeholder Name" for annoying people that Falga used. For example, there was one line he said which went like "CHARLIE ############### IT" and then Falga said "STOPPPPPPPPP ITTTTTT". Possibly meaning to say "Charlie stop it" as he said the lines before when 3 people where mashing the spawn cart button which made several carts to glitch out causing the path to be blocked. Unfortunately this is the only evidence of this and it's not very strong evidence. It doesn't explain his other lines such as "Charlie can do it al" and "Charlie Charlie". Also "Charlie" would be a weird name to call bullies or annoying people.
  • Another theory of Charlie's identity is that it was Falga's imaginary friend. Falga glitched his cart multiple times which caused him to blame it on a possibly nonexistent person that he calls "Charlie". As mentioned before, Albert checked the leaderboard to see if anyone is called "Charlie" and ends up not finding anyone called that. It would also somewhat explain the "Charlie can do it all" line as he would be an imaginary friend made up by Falga's mind. Falga was also a noob at the time which may indicate that he could be a kid and it's possible for a kid to have an imaginary friend. However he once said "Charlie go away" which would be weird to say that to a friend.
  • There is one more theory about Charlie. Charlie could be a friend of Falga in real life playing Roblox with him. Charlie could've not have his name in his username but be called Charlie in real life. However this is unlikely as no-one was interacting with him nor anyone responded when Falga called out to Charlie. BUT there was a player in game called "charlene123098" which is close to the name "Charlie". Charlene123098 made a brief appearance shortly after Falga saying "Go away Charlie" in which she was riding a cart and albert knocked her cart off resulting in her saying "IAIAJANSNS SHWNW" which indicated that she raged and spashed her keyboard like Albert said in that moment. She also appears for right before Falga saying "CHARLIE ############### IT" in which she entered a cart while saying "yes🧡". Her cart started and she drove off with it and never appearing the video after that. She didn't appear to be talking to Falga and the "yes🧡" quote was already typed before Falga started screaming for Charlie to stop whatever he was doing (because when Falga said his line the chat bubble containing "yes🧡" from charlene was already disappearing).
  • His grammar in the video wasn't really bad. The same thing can't be said for his description though. But still he is one of the only noobs with decent grammar that appeared on a video. The other known one was 123ireviole.