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Fake Players, usually referred to as bots, are robots coded by Real_KingBob to imitate actual players.


These bots first appear in I put BOTS in a Roblox game and made them ATTACK..., and again in I made Roblox Brookhaven DISTURBING.... Their control panel briefly shows up in I became ROBLOX SAW... with my OWN GAME., but they are never spawned.


The bots' control panel has three main functions, Attack, Follow and Talk. A target bot is selected through a scroll window, or all bots can be selected. The Attack function lets the selected bot(s) attack a real player of your choice with a sword by typing their name in the box. The Follow function makes the selected bot(s) follow the target player without harming them. The Talk function takes a message as input and makes the selected bot(s) say the message. There is also the Explode Bot function, which explodes the selected bot.

There are three functions that are never used by Albert: Bot +, which likely spawns a new bot; Bot -, which likely removes a bot; and Control Bot, which likely allows the player to take full control of the selected bot.

List of automated messages[]

The bots are programmed to say a message from a predetermined list every so often. The following list includes every message a bot is seen being able to send or seen sending automatically, for each of the two games they appear in.

  • "Hello""
  • "can someone by my mom"
  • "*sleep*"
  • "e"
  • "hi"
  • "123 for child"
  • "who want money"
  • "we need school"
  • "ok"
  • "when"
  • "thank you"
  • "i like u..."
  • "let's go to school sis"
  • "123 and ill clean ur house"
  • "Dont touch my tail!!"
  • "Am i ugly?"
  • "who wants a MANSION"
  • "please stop"
  • "Abc for son"
  • "Im so lonely..."
  • "me sad"
  • "Baby Boo: plays with toes"
  • "Who need COOL BOY"
  • "Eats* 🍉🍉"
  • "*ends*"
  • "can your be my gf plz plz plz plz plz"
  • "*dodges*"
  • "Im a yuotuber"
  • "Give robux pls i need robux"
  • "Mawmaw milky"
  • "*giggles* wow thats so nice of u"
  • "Follow me"
  • "hi!!!"
  • "oop"
  • "no"
  • "*eats soul*"
  • "Yep!!"
  • "Yes"
  • "No"
  • "Noob!"
  • "*cries cutely*"
  • "mommy"
  • "Heals."
  • "hello miss will you be my mom"
  • "*wakes up and looks out window*"
  • "bruh"
  • "Hi"
  • "SHUT UP!!"
  • "We can has can"
  • "i like u"
  • "😭"
  • "can you adopt me?"
  • "can you donate"
  • "hi im poor can i live in your house" (Guess; message isn't shown past the 'o' in house)
  • "haha bacon hair 😂"
  • "IM NO NOOB"
  • "*eats onion*"

The following messages are only seen in I made Roblox Brookhaven DISTURBING..., but likely originate from this game.

  • "hey wanna be friends"
  • "Any girls here"

Some messages included in this game are already seen in LIFE IN PARADISE. These entries will not be included.

  • "im going to throw up"
  • "Put me out of my misery"
  • "I will kill a child"
  • "I don't like this"
  • "Looking to eat a child"
  • "i dont have much time left to live..."
  • "Death to our enemies"
  • "I'm scared :("
  • "I'm bleeding"
  • "I am going to do something terrible."
  • "############"
  • "Brookhaven"
  • "what happened to Brookhaven?!?!"