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"China girl" ericparson to papitobueno23.


Ericparson was seen playing Assassin! when Albert recalled bad memories from when he had to put down his dog because of eric's t-shirt. During the video, Albert was seen playing as papitobueno23, who was called a hacker by eric after she had killed him in a round. Papito plays along and says she killed eric with hacks, making eric report papito. While eric was reporting papito, he died to her. Papito then died in the round and eric says that he killed her with hacks, however she is not fooled by him. Papito then won another round and taunted eric to which eric makes fun of her appearance and calls her "China girl". Eric appeared hypocritical as both him and papito had the same skin tone and face. As eric called papito all sorts of insults, she became angry and tried to hunt him down before leaving the game.



"Girl is a hacker"

"Im reporting bitch"

"I killed you with hacks you hacker"

"China girl"

"With #### #### eyes"

"Your face killed the dinosaurs"

"Cootie girl"

"Ha ha you fell"