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' He always tries to say something with just two letters, only managing to say Av, Us, and Hf straight away. Albert keeps saying "erick" in the chat, for him to eventually reply with "Eerick"


ErickIsAwesome2019's Current outfit is seen wearing The Rthro animation package (but in R60, The Bloxypunk Top Hat, Happy New Year Ox, Portable TARDIS, Tie and suit shirt, ROBLOX Jacket, Black Jeans with White Shoes, brown charmer hair, and winning smile.

His outfit seen in the video is seen wearing The Rthro animation package, Stylish aviators, Portable TARDIS, Happy New Year Rat, Jade shell necklace, brown charmer hair, Mickey Mouse overalls, Mickey Mouse pants, a yellow skin and silly fun.


  • He has gained 601 followers as of April 26, 2021.
  • He is in the "Flamingo Fan Club" and currently following Albert so it is safe to assume had seen the video or had became a flamingo fan