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Emotionless_Day is one of the Days in The Days Union group


He claims himself to be Emotionless, but speaks in a normal way and never in a sad way. He works in a Laboratory in The Days City.


This weird Roblox city has a really creepy story to it...[]

Albert and Temprist explore a game by Emotionless_Day called "Cold Origin".

This Roblox group gave me a VERY weird tour...[]

Emotionless_Day participates in the House Tour along with Albert and the other Days. After Practical_Day injects something into Albert, Emotionless_Day goes to Albert and states "Farewell [IDENTITY] Mrflimflam. The Cycle Continues".

Something unexplainable followed us in Roblox...[]

Emotionless_Day walks through The Days City along with Great_DaySpeedy2662, Albert and other Days, and jokes about Mrflimflam having a small head. Great_Day states Emotionless_Day works in the Laboratory. Just like every other Day, he was unable to see the Dark Creatures.