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eklips251 a offensive noob who Albert met in I made Roblox noobs CRY...


Albert met him in Rap Battles 🎤 he is first seen when hftoug and emilym03A are rap battling and when Funjimmywantstodie(Albert) and angiepagbonocan then he finally gets to rap against envyloveu21 which funjimmywantstodie votes for eklips because envyloveu21 presumably wanted to date him and angiepagboncan wanted to date funjimmy eklips wins against envyloveu21 [4 - 3] he then raps against rb76677 which rb76677 [5 - 1] funjimmy being the only one that voted for him funjimmy tells him that he voted for him eklips third and final rap is against funjimmy eklips251 says funjimmy's hair is bacon which causes him to go bald for a while then he says apparently offensive things that causes him to go to avatar to change his avatar for a while then funjimmy tells him that "nicer words needs to come out of your lips" to which a girl named ANGLElopen presumably replies to funjimmy with yes the rap battle ends with funjimmy winning against eklips [5 - 3] funjimmy brags to eklips that he won and eklips didn't and that's the last we see of eklips251


" alright *censored word* to me your a ciggeret cause imma #### ### smoke you yeah"

"alright im in the nhood' "

"dagm you no good"

"*censored things about cigarettes*"

"im a thug im a #### you want me so badly you brang up my looks"

"daghm man"

"mo bomba"

"*mic drop*"

"no more kidding child get of my level this is not your game to be in"

"ur iq is yopur raps ...awful"


"ur hair is bacon"

"words words words words words words"

"*censored offensive things*"


"im scared"


  • Albert acknowledges his raps about cigarettes
  • He is pretty hated by the server because the only match he won, he won by 1 point higher