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Edawg8 is an old friend of Albert who was part of his skateboarding crew during the time of RobloxSkateMagazine.


Edawg8 is one of Albert's longest time friends who was with him during RobloxSkateMagazine. He has appeared in many videos during that time and got a main one in Edawg8 = Professional where it is a compilation of Edawg8 skateboarding. In Flamingo plays OLD ROBLOX, Albert takes note of the RobloxSkateMagazine channel and talks about how he would gather people to do skateboarding. Albert also stated that he wants to get in contact with Edawg8 and some of his other old friends. As of January 12, 2020, Edawg8 is now in Albert's friends list. It was also said to be yellow.