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E_XCLUSlVE (lowercased l instead of an captalized i) is an account Albert used in the video Changing my Roblox username to get people BANNED where he changes his username multiple times in various Roblox games as other players but found loopholes to make himself steal their identity.


In late 2012, Albert made an account called Laprased and barely seemed to have used it as Laprased only had one badge overall. Albert seemed to have abandoned it soon after making it.

Later, in 2019, Albert used Laprased as an alternate account and joined a game called Good Girls Sorority where he encounters a group of girls that want him to leave the game. A player named WhiteWolf8913, who was in the aforementioned group leaves the name so Albert changes Laprased's name to hers but replaces the l with a capital i. However, this attempt at manipulating the group of girls fails when the girls say they know their friend and Albert realizes that the real WhiteWolf went offline. Albert then decides to change his name to that of RaiRai091010, another member of the group of girls by changing the first 1 to an l. This attempt, like the other one fails, even when he changes to a girl and the real RaiRai had left. Albert debates stealing another one of the girls' identities but realizes that they were too smart for him and leaves the game.

Albert joins a military game as RaiRai09l and notices that a high ranking player in the game named E_XCLUSIVE had an uppercase i in his name which he could change the capital i to an l. This works and Albert ends up buying E_XLUSIVE's look and join all the groups he was in to make himself seem to be E_XCLUSIVE. Now Albert, as E_XCLUSlVE tries to get a high ranked player of the game give him the same rank, however the real E_XCLUSIVE appears, foiling Albert's plan in that game. Albert realizes that E_XCLUSIVE had a high rank in other Roblox military games and decides to join one in hopes that E_XCLUSlVE would get the same rank as the real E_XCLUSlVE. Albert buys a gun in the military game and uses the gun to massacre several players in the game when one of the players doesn't promote him. Several of the admins try to kick E_XLUSlVE but can't because of the l instead of the capitalized I. Albert tells the admins that he is the fake E_XLUSIVE and how he managed to impersonate him and E_XLUSlVE gets kicked from the game. E_XLUSlVE returns to the previous game and tells a new player, who thinks he is asks him for a code to which E_XCLUSlVE lies.