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Dulalapepe is a player seen in We got FLAMETHROWERS in ROBLOX SQUID GAME. She never spoke probably due to her being an Xbox player as seen from her avatar.


In the video: We got FLAMETHROWERS in ROBLOX SQUID GAME, she first appeared in the Red Light, Green Light. game near the doll before Albert saw her. She was seen multiple times such as in the lobby and before Albert recieved his cookie in game 2. When Albert neared Dulalapepe to follow Kaden, He finally notices her and says: "Wait, looks like uh- this girl right here, Dulala, Dulalapeepee, the girl with concrete all over her face" He decides to talk about her while she is continuing on her grind. After the game, he decides to look for her and succeeds a few seconds. In her last appearance (Im not sure since im too lazy lol) in the special game, Albert is targetting her but instead of getting killed by him, she gets killed by someone else named "Floppa". After Floppa killed her, Albert wanted to avenge her death but also gets killed by Floppa.


In the video, she is seen as having the Squid Game costume on with the Claire body, Hair, Face and Sunglasses. Her skin is those of a concrete eater.