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drewiscool7722 is an account Albert used in the video, Roblox games that were made for literal babies where he uses the account to make a troll game.


Drewiscool7722 was made in middle of 2020 by Albert so he could make a troll game that seems like a game for kids but it actually had a dark side. Albert originally planned to have the created game focus on Ryan's Toy Review but he ended up having it based on Paw Patrol, a popular children's cartoon. Albert made the game where you could be a character from Paw Patrol  but there was a big rectangle where there was monsters that were textured as Chase, one of the main characters of Paw Patrol. Albert also had drewiscool join the Flamingo Fan Club so he could give drewiscool 40,000 robux.

After finishing the game, Albert publishes it, names it PAW PATROL GAME and shows the viewer what the game was about as drewiscool. Albert would put in 40,000 robux worth of ads for tablet and phone users (20,000 robux each device). Albert went into the servers of games as drewiscool and asked the viewers if they loved Paw Patrol shortly before opening the cage and releasing in the Chase-creatures to kill the players in the game.

Albert leaves the game up, but with one change, the Chase-creatures are already released.


  • Drewiscool's game, PAW PATROL GAME is one of the very few troll games Albert makes that is still up.