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This account is a somewhat confusing account as it was made via a bootleg Roblox mobile app.


Making its sole appearance in the video, "Roblox FAKE mobile games... ??", it was first made when Albert found out about the Mod Adopt Me Dog Baby Instructions (Unofficial), where it claims to teach you how to get the Adopt Me pet. Looking at the app, he was shocked to see that a million people downloaded it, hoping right after that a million of those phones explode. After consenting to the Terms and Conditions of the app, the app told him that in order to play Adopt Me, he has to make himself a Roblox account, and in which he creates, as a joke, dreadandpain, though he at first thinks it steals your account. After that, dreadandpain played the Adopt Me game, where it walked for a while until it was spontaneously teleported back to its spawn, which Albert then questioned what it was supposed to do. Suddenly, the Roblox app from the bootleg app caused a weird fluctuating noise which Albert didn't like. He stated that he was in hell. dreadandpain appeared again as its profile near the end of the video, but was never mentioned since.


  • dreadandpain was simply the typical Roblox starter bacon hair girl.


  • This was the only account to be created beyond the typical Roblox app/website by Albert.