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Doctorclump is a doctor who debuts in WORST HOSPITAL in ROBLOX.


Doctorclump is a doctor who works at the in the MeepCity hospital. In his debut video, he does an appointment for someone named "CourageousRAPHA" who is having twins. However, he does not specialize in twins therefore he cannot do the appointment. His next person to help is somebody who can't pee right, but rejects it. He then messes with a person who wants him to get out because the person in the room is having a baby. However, she then reports him but Doctorclump but he comes back in, but he says he isn't allowed in his own hospital and logs out. In HOSPITAL in ROBLOX GETS INAPPROPRIATE, Albert says that there is a new doctor that will be half of what he was. He eventually decides to make an account called "NurseRoy" to replace Doctorclump. In ROBLOX BAD DOCTOR, Albert takes note that the Doctorclump account was hacked by someone, so he created a new account called Doctorclumpfatsis.