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Aidan (better known online as DinoNuggets) is a Twitch Streamer who streams variety content.


Dino is a variety streamer with a slightly popular YouTube channel. He appeared in a video during a funeral for Albert with SaintDasXII; However, this appearance was very brief and only for about a minute. One time, he was mentioned by Albert and Kirsten after Kirsten said that Dino said he smelled like beef and cheese. Albert joked around that he wanted to know his insecurities. He is also followed by Albert on Twitter. He used to make roblox content but has since moved on.


  • He "quit" the RTC to move onto variety content.
  • He's a twitch streamer.
  • He resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[1]
  • He is happily married to ClairJSmiles
  • He suffers from trans amnesia and has reverted to stage 1.
  • He has claimed to regularly cough up blood. This could be a sign of leukemia.
  • He played Among Us with Soulja Boy.
  • His catchphrase is "That was nugtastic!"