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Die Mart was a business store that Albert created using Btools in the video I used Roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store.... At Die Mart, you could choose one of the other users in the game to be killed by Albert with the alias "Die Mart Employee". Albert would use a sword, Golden Steampunk Gloves, or in some cases, dismemberment. Each customer could only choose one person to be killed. When the customer has said the name of the user they wish to die, Albert will then try to locate the said user for them to be assassinated. For some of the customers, Albert blocked the door preventing anyone from leaving or entering the store while he was serving them. If customers did not pick someone to die, Albert would kill them instead. Customers also have the option for themselves to die.

The Success of Die Mart[]

According to Albert, he takes Die Mart's success as a "cute little success". Due to this success, Die Mart now has a two story tall building, a three story tall building, a really big Die Mart, one with a slide, and multiple locations on the map.