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Diegohito100 was a Roblox player, Flamingo encountered Diego in the Roblox Survivor episode ROBLOX SURVIVOR (they all hated me) he was always trolled by Flamingo and his name "Diego" was always made fun of and Flamingo made jokes about the name, he is one of the main characters in the video.


Diego always seemed to be a chill dude and claims Albert to be his best friend.


He is one of the most featured roblox players in the video, Flamingo always claimed him to be his best friend, but most of the time, Flamingo would always vote Diego to get kicked out of the game. His name is also joked around by Flamingo saying "Die Go" and saying "Go Die". Despite all of this, Flamingo wrote a song saying how Diego was much better than another Roblox Player "Argentina", at the end of the video, Flamingo claimed to be his father, and Flamingo was sad when he never saw him again despite Diego spawning next to him.