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Die Mart Employee is a character made by Albert. She makes her appearance as the main antagonist in I used Roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store…


geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN aka Die Mart Employee, or Merissa, is a female employee of Die Mart. She has blonde hair, a purple and pinkish top, blue jeans, and white shoes.


Because she works for Die Mart, she is probably evil. She is also strict, as she says that if someone makes an order for someone to die, it cannot be more than one person. That person has to be in the server and the customers can't choose any other customers to die.



"Want someone to die? You got the right place!"

"How will you pay"



"Do you need someone to die?"

"Who do you need to die? It could be anybody."



"Do you know his home address" ("his home address" is tags)

"Needs to be in this game"

"Anyone here"

"Only one"

"Hello Brooke"

"You have been selected to die. Any last words?"

"Thank you for your business."

"Business is open!"

"Now sonny boy.. Come closer"

"Who do you want to die? Pick someone"

"Pick a person"

"Who do you want to die in this game"

"Hey, who do you want to die? This is Die Mart. Pick a person"

"Are you sure Luke? Out of ANYONE HERE?"

"Who do you want to die"

"Who do you want to die" (x2), to Luke

"Do you have her name" ("her" as in Adrianacutepoodog)

"I must fulfill a request. Wait near the store if you wish to out in a order."

"Do not follow- wait near the store."

"I work for Die Mart. Either you die or Jason dies. Special round!"

"Pick someone Luke. Someone else… not my customers"

"Pick someone fast Luke"

"Hello, I work for Die Mart. You know what that means"