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DieSoft is a Roblox developer known for his UGC (User Generated Content) items and being the creator of all the Flamingo hats in the catalogue.


DieSoft's avatar uses the Pastel light blue color scheme with the blocky body and the Cartoony Animation Pack with the "Uh Oh" face. He is shown to be holding a Bloxy Award with the Red Animal Hoodie on his head with the Friendly Alien whilst secretly wearing the Crazy Professor Glasses. Finally, he wears the DieSoft Shirt and the DieSoft Pants.

Involvement with Developing[]

Diesoft is well-known in the community responsible for being a former member of the Elite Builders of Robloxia where he did various community events like the Egg Hunt 2017 event whilst winning multiple Bloxys for his efforts and winning as Builder of the Year in 2017. He is also the owner of a group called Nocturne Entertainment who is known for making the 5th Annual Bloxys map.


Upon creation of the UGC catalogue in August 2019, DieSoft began making hats as he was one of 21 people to make hats using the UGC Catalog. He was well-known for creating the Stare hat and the Tim the Fungus hat.

Partnership with Albert[]

DieSoft has collaborated with Albert on occasion and has created three separate hats relating to the Flamingo brand. These hats created were the Felipe Head (Oct 2019), Flamingo (Feb 2020), and the Flamingo Beak (Feb 2020). Many of these hat's can still be seen in 2023. Albert also uses Diesoft's hats to help him hide in Murder Mystery 2.