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Diana is a fictional character and the main focus of the "Castle Story" game. She is an evil witch disguised as a Princess and she manipulates players into letting her out of the castle.



Diana appears in a Castle along with all the other players, she decides that she doesn't want to live in a castle anymore, and tries to escape it. The Players on the castle keep helping her to escape, by pushing levelers, opening secret doors and walking through mazes.

At some point, she gets kidnapped by Crystal Ball which forces players to solve riddles, and kills them if they don't solve it in time.

Diana gets rescued by Albert and other player in the treasure room and, after a while, Diana forces Flamingo to kill a Giant Dragon with a sword. Flamingo kills the Dragon, and then the Castle gate opens, allowing both to escape the castle.

After Diana steps out of the castle, the gate closes leaving Flamingo locked in the Castle. Diana then changes her dress and reveals itself to be a Witch in disguise, and that's why she was locked in a castble. She escapes, Flamingo stays and gets the "Bad Ending" Badge.