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dhyrbfyty was a ROBLOX account created on February 8th, 2008. Streety (AKA Albert) wanted dhyrbfyty to be his "girlfriend" but dhyr said "well I have a Bf already his name is Billbone."

The account has been terminated as of January 25th, 2020.


The YouTuber 'Neeko' interviewed dhyrbfyty, during which dhyr stated he wasn't aware of his online presence as dhyr until January 13th, 2022. His friends discovered the fandom after looking at archived pages of dhyr's other Roblox account, GothGirl1435, where he stated he was dhyrbfyty/cloe342. On dhyr's twitter, @na_alt_twt, he has confirmed he is GothGirl1435 and that he and Streety interacted on that account. The interview includes video evidence of Roblox password resets for dhyrbfyty, sent to his mother's email in 2008.

Dhyr is able to login to the account, but has since been unable to get it unbanned because ROBLOX support asks for financial information to verify identity, but he never bought any Robux or Builder's Club on dhyrbfyty.

Dhyr was 8-9 years old when he talked to Streety, and is now 24 as of 2024.

Dhyr has stated he was 7 years old when the account was created, but abandoned it when he was 9 since he didn't like the username.

Dhyr also has the account fsdghcsdyu, and cloe342, and goes by that name within Roblox circles online.