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Despacito Spider is a creation made in Robloxian Highschool that became famous in the Roblox community.


The Despacito Spider is seen to have the Bighead head on the top and the Biggerhead head on the bottom being tilted. It is also seen with the enormous spider legs on the bottom holding it up.


Despacito Spider was originally created in Robloxian Highschool and was posted to a website known as "imgur." This image became extremely popular and was used by lots of players in Robloxian Highschool as a meme.


He eventually got his own game called "initial despacito" which got played by Albert in This Roblox community is going to be THE END OF ROBLOX. In the game, everyone had the Despacito Spider avatar, they could do parkour, races and kill everyone with guns. The Despacito Spider head also changed every few minutes to a Sonic head, Bacon Hair head and others.

Despacito Spider got his own egg in the Egg Hunt 2020. you would have to find five hidden despacito spider mini statues in the Robloxian High School game in order to get the Despacitegg as a prize. Albert and Temprist got the despacitegg in the ROBLOX EGG HUNT video


  • The Despacito Spider got a Roblox hat by Roblox user tarabryte.

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