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"I'm Demon Boy, I kill the Killers. "
— Demon Boy's Catchphrase.

DemonBoy8929381 is Albert's first myth account who debuted in Making a CRINGE Roblox "scary" account and made it REALLY stupid...


At the time of DemonBoy's creation, he was an active myth hunter so he decided to make a myth himself called DemonBoy8929381. Like most accounts, this was a joke account. He eventually made a game which he then went on his main account to tell people from Roblox's Myths and Robloxian Myth Hunters to hunt his game. He was mostly chatting in a "sinister" way that's still Alberts' style. He returned to cause havoc in "Circus In The Sky" and tried to eliminate G0Z. After that, he hasn't appeared in a video since

List of Appearances


  • He is friends with AloneTraveler, one of the most well-known myths that has been affiliated with Albert.