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DemoVille Demolition Simulator is a simulator game created by LoomisSimmons. He is the owner of the Fun Time Games group.


In this simulator, you simply destroy houses, stores, and hotels in order to gain money. Based on the tutorial, the player must first go to the contractor's trailer and get a contract, and in doing so, you can destroy the building with various tools. Once it is done, your helper will bring the salvaged blocks to the trailer, and you get money from it. With the money, you are able to buy better tools and other weapons to demolish the buildings faster.

Such tools include a simple hammer, a sledgehammer, a drill and a saw. Once you reach a higher level, you can afford to buy a flamethrower, which can spread fire around the house; grenades can be purchasable to quickly destroy the buildings too. You can also buy bulldozers and use the crane with a wrecking ball to wreck buildings.

In the case that you die, you are sent to the hospital, where you're paid a fee, which can be reduced if you buy health insurance.


*Current one*

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fixes, vehicles, weapon lag, weapon controls, vehicle controls

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πŸ—  Explore DemoVille and help the town rebuild!
πŸ’₯ Destroy the older buildings with, hammers, jack hammers, grenades, rocket launchers, flame throwers, vehicles and much more!
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Brought to you by: Fun Time Games Group 
artwork by : A0rideno
buildings by: e6_4KOkGsp


Video Summaries[]


In the video, Albert describes DemoVille as the alternate ending to the movie Up, where the businessmen destroy the homes. Throughout the video, he emphasizes the preciousness of the homes he destroys, as well as changes his current character to look "naked", so that all the people shall see his character when he destroys the buildings. He then pays robux to get a lot of money and, after playing for hours, is able to buy the more superior weapons. Later in the video, after he bought the grenades, he figured out he can kill people with it, addressing it as a glitch in the game.

ROBLOX games AFTER you spend $100 on them...[]

Albert addresses this game again in the video, saying that he enjoyed this simulator, unlike many others. He also notices his NPC in the game, which then "kissed" alexnewtron's NPC. He also talks about how the glitch hadn't been fixed, despite the owner of the game having watched his video and put his character in the game, which he thinks means he lets him do that. He also tries out the bulldozer, which doesn't do as much as he anticipated.


  • Albert calls LoomisSimmons's avatar a "noob" in the first video.
  • After his video, the creator of the game added Albert's first avatar in the video to the game as an NPC.
  • The game was originally only called "DemoVille".