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Death Penalty is a Roblox remake of the Roblox game, social experiment, made by vintage mens clothing, and was featured in the video titled "ROBLOX DEATH PENALTY".


Sentenced to death, you have been given a chance of freedom by being subjected to various experiments. Your survival will be based on luck, skill and ability to control those around you.

(basically remake of social experiment)

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V 1.0.0


Multiple players spawn in a lobby and walk into a glowing red area with a sign above them showing the last survivor and how long before the players get sent into the game. You wake up inside a dark prison with the game's signature wheel and television which displays a chilling face. Each part on the wheel has a different experiment with different icons, like Simon Says, Handout, Water Tank, Dropper, Duel, and Random Execution. You'll need to rely on your luck, capabilities, and intelligence to survive the countless amounts of experiments lying ahead of you, and try to be the last one alive.


There are seventeen experiments: Random Execution, Split Or Steal, Murderer, Duel, Water Tank, Revive, Favorites, Showdown, Handout, Simon Says, Dropper, Massacre, Timebomb, Linked, Five Buttons, Finders Keepers and Chaos. These Experiments can appear throughout the game, excluding showdown, since it only appears when only two players are left standing. These experiments will be spun and chosen at random each round. Here's the list of them.

Random Execution: This is the very first experiment in a round of Death Penalty. The wheel will randomly choose one subject, and they will be given a brief moment before automatically being killed.

Split or Steal: If both participants choose to split, they both live. However, if one person chooses to steal while to other splits, the person who splits will die and the stealer will receive an item. If both participants choose to steal, both will die.

Murderer: One person will be given a machete and must kill as many players as possible in a set amount of time.

Duel: Two players are set across from each other. Both players will receive a gun and are given the objective to shoot the other person when the red light turns green, as quickly as possible. If neither participants shoot, they both die. Pressing the "Shoot" button before the light turns green will place you on cooldown, delaying your next shot.

Water Tank: Three players are placed in a room where the remaining participants decide whether or not to fill the tank within a certain time limit. If the tank is not filled before the timer is up, all participants live.

Favorites: Three players are put in cages above chainsaws. The remaining players must vote on who should they save. Two live and one dies. If the player count is under a certain number, then the selected players will be reduced to two.

Handout: One random player will be given a gun that only has one bullet, which they can decide to use on someone or not.

Simon Says: Players must play the childhood "Simon Says" game.

Dropper: One player will be chosen to choose which person they should kill within a time limit. If the dropper fails to kill someone, they will be killed instead.

Massacre: One to fifteen random players will be killed at once, depending on the result of the spin.

Timebomb: One player will be given a bomb that will explode within thirty seconds, and they must pass the bomb to another person to survive.

Linked: Two players are linked by a chain which extends to a limited length if the players move apart. If one of them dies, the other one dies as well.

Five Buttons: Five buttons are spawned, a player will be randomized to choose a button at random, one of them leading to death. A new player will be randomized until somebody picks the fatal button.

Finders Keepers: TBA

Chaos: Every player will be given a random weapon picked by the wheel (e.g., revolver, pistol, rifle, or knife) and are forced to fight to the death. Essentially, this experiment follows the same rules as Showdown, but all remaining players must fight until there is only one person standing.

Showdown (Final): This mode only triggers when two players remain. They will be given a random item to kill each other, such as a revolver, pistol, rifle, or a knife. Additionally, the room's lights are turned off to make it harder to see. The game ends once the other person has been killed.