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Davidiscool31301 was a Die Mart customer, Flamingo encountered Davidiscool31301 in the Life In Paradise episode I used Roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store... his request in Die Mart was to kill Adrianacutepoodog after she rejected him offscreen, he appeared briefly in the video.


There isn't much known about David; the only thing known is that he was a customer at Die Mart to kill Adrianacutepoodog for rejecting him offscreen.


In his Life In Paradise outfit, David wears a black hoodie with a pattern in the middle that covers his bright-aqua swimsuit. His hair is simple yet features a .short design, with brown strands falling around his head. The strands of hair resembles strips of bacon, earning it the affectionate nickname.

David's appearance on the platform is a black unbuttoned flannel t-shirt with a french blue sleeveless shirt, jungle green jeans, and black and white shoes. His hair is brown and messy, curtained haircut.


  • Davidiscool31301 is actually an Alt account, his main account is j_osephx (Username) aka ILoveDischarge (Display Name)
  • David was only around for 1 day as he didn't log back in on the same day he created this account
  • He is a fan of Flamingo although he didn't join the Flamingo Fan Club on this account
  • Unlike most players featured in Flamingo videos, he is not a noob as his main account was created on 1/7/2017