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David is the secondary protagonist of Bully Story by star_girl088 (privated). He appears in roblox sad story.


David has light skin, with black hair. He wears a blue jacket and black shirt, both with Nike branding. He has black pants and white shoes.


David first appears in a school hallway, where he sees Emma, Alice, and Candy throwing rocks at Lily. He grabs Candy and threatens the bullies, causing them to stop. He gives Lily a makeover, but is disappointed as she becomes friends with the bullies. He overhears a conversation between the bullies, revealing the plan to trick Lily to him.

Lily goes to a fake party set up by the bullies, and David runs in, concerned that something bad may have happened. Lily apologizes and says she should've listened. David and Lily go on to be married 16 years later.