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"I am Dark Su Tart, su tart's evil twin"
         - Dark Su tart in BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: START IS BACK...

Dark Su Tart is a fictional Roblox character who was first seen in BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: SU TART IS BACK...


Not much is known about Dark Su tart, but it can be presumed that he is the complete opposite of Su Tart.


  • In BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: SU TART IS BACK..., Dark Su tart blew up the wall of Goomba's jail cell and said "i am dark Su tart, Su tart's evil twin", making the epic prison guard yell "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
  • Dark Su tart is the same apperance as su tart, but his eyes are recolored with red.


  • There is a similar character in 0CROWNED's version called TraT uS. (It is unknown if hes the same person as him)