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DanStickman is the adoptive father of MatthewSmiles, SethSmiles, and ClairSmiles who debuts in Sleeping over Roblox's SMILES FAMILY house....


After the death of RobertSmiles, Dan saw the house burning so he adopted Robert's kids all with agreement from Albert. His main role was in The Roblox SMILES FAMILY DINER.. In that video, he is invited to his diner called Dan's Diner. In the diner, there are grown-up versions of Matthew, Seth, and Clair and a mysterious guy sitting in a chair. Albert sees a piece of paper with scrambled words on the counter while having a chat with Dan. When Dan is gone, Albert uncovers what the paper says (which is "Birth of Street.") Clair invites him back to the diner where there is now a key lock. The code for the keylock is 03/29/08. When it's opened, there is an underground basement under the diner. Albert suspects there is something fishy about Dan and the diner from the writings on the wall.



  • The 03/29/08 code is a reference to Streety, an old account Albert made on that day.
    • The same can be said about the Birth of Street.