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Less gooo! - Dababy Car catchphrase

Dababy Convertible is a meme that refers to the American rapper, DaBaby. It rose in popularity on the internet, Roblox, and Albert's main channel, Flamingo.


Dababy Car originated from December 2019, when DaBaby was interviewed on a "celeb spot" and he was facing sideways away from the camera that made the crowd see a car body shape, specifically a PT Cruiser and the quote from DaBaby's song "Suge," "I will turn a ****** into a convertible" soon edited into just "I will turn into a convertible" that became a meme. The meme began to grow around March 19, 2021 with the quote from the song "VIBEZ," "Lets go!". The meme began to spread into the Roblox community and has became a big trend. This meme gained more recognition due to Albert making a lot of DaBaby Car references in his content.

In the Flamingo Channel[]

In Roblox Dababy Games, Albert memes on it due to how there was a surge of Dababy games, (Such as Dababy Racing, Survival Dababy the killer, etc. etc.) Though he makes it clear he actually enjoys his music, he memes on it such as using the quote "LESSSGOOOOO" and the poorly-made games uploaded by different users.


  • There are multiple games about the DaBaby Convertible, a lot of them are pretty popular.
  • His Signature quote "LET'SSS GOOOOO" is memed on heavily, having become like "bruh".
  • Because of the usage of the song, "VIBEZ", Flamingo's Dababy video got copyrighted, potentailly the second video to have been copyrighted, after the Earthworm Sally video.