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DaBiMnTch is a Roblox player, mainly a junkbot, that created a large base in the "Build Mine Survive and Craft" game, in which he tried to attack Albert.


In the game, Albert (as fungunfungun2) encountered DaBiMnTch when exploring a small area of the base, which he said hi to. He finds a cave system that the junkbot made, but when he sees him again, the junkbot acts very aggressive to Albert. Albert pulls out the lava, which stops DaBiMnTch in his tracks, and he gives him three diamonds as payment to not put the lava there. He brags about it, saying that is how you get three diamonds. When DaBiMnTch hits fungunfungun2 again, he immediately places the lava there as payback. The junkbot tries to hit him again, but Albert runs away, while explaining the situation once more. Coming back, he tries to make it up to the junkbot with a flower, while the junkbot just stands there. Albert cleans up the mess and leaves him be. He decides to create a condo on top of DaBiMnTch's house, while he also tries to keep others away from his home so they won't steal his things. Standing there again, DaBiMnTch snaps and purchases a lava to place on Albert, and goes to his little home on top. Against his favor, he places the lava in a spot where he traps himself, while Albert tries to keep him in the lava. The junkbot jumps around, avoiding his hits until he falls off the roof and dies from fall damage. Most likely out of anger, he leaves the game. Later on, when trying to find AliceAngel4040, Albert ends up in the same server where DaBiMnTch died, and gave him a lot of good stuff, although Albert exaggerates his death by saying he fell off a cliff.


  • Appearing only in this video, DaBiMnTch wore only free items, mainly the Junkbot package, but without the hat, instead the Floating Crown.
  • Today, he currently wears the Blue Axolotl - Bottom pants, the Green Axolotl Head, and the Beluga shirt. He also has the Roblox Boy body.


  • DaBiMnTch was one of the few characters that didn't say a word.