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DMPOTT's old avatar consists of:

Blonde Spiked Hair

The Winning Smile (Offsale)

Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt

Dark Green Jeans

He is also wearing the Man Package, and his skin color is purple.

DMPOTT's new avatar consists of:

Shiny Teeth

Dark Green Jeans

John's Scarf (Part of the John Package)

Foxy from Lankybox


Casual Sweats - Grey

Cartoony Rainbow Crown

🗡️ Holdable Rainbow Outline Katana 🗡️

Rainbow - Anime Cloak [1.0]

Glitch Hair

Painted Stitch


DMPOTT joined Roblox on March 8, 2022. His account is currently active at this time.

Personality and Traits[]

We do not have any information on how his personality is, because he has not said anything in any of Albert's videos. But for the actions he did in the video he debuted in, we can tell he is probably evil and murderous because he ran Albert over with a blue car.



DMPOTT thought that Albert was the one that made LankyBox hang over a fire, so he then tried running him over with a blue truck.

Status: Enemies


DMPOTT is currently wearing a LankyBox accessory on his avatar, and he is playing LankyBox-related games on Roblox.

Status: Good Terms


  • In the video he debuted in, he tried avoiding LankyBox getting hung over a fire by turning around.
  • He almost ran over LankyBox Justin while running over Albert.