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DITEE11201's first popped up in Giving Roblox noobs ADMIN COMMANDS.


Albert walks to the left window of the adoption center to see DITEE11201 in a crib. Albert walks into the adoption center and places DITEE11201 in a stroller and exits the building, speedily running to a house. Albert drops him on the couch, then DITEE11201 walks off the couch as Albert is looking through his Ultimate Trolling GUI, searching for what to give him. Albert gives DITEE11201 a karambit, using the Ultimate Trolling GUI. Immediately, he stabs Albert with the karambit and then stabs the couch. Albert exclaims "STOP" to DITEE11201, which makes him turn to Albert and chase him, repeatedly stabbing Albert. Albert attempts to remind DITEE11201 that he's his mother, but it does nothing and DITEE11201 replies back, telling him to get out. Albert gets chased out of the house, and then DITEE11201 proceeds to walk out the house and converse with Albert. Eventually, Albert refreshes him, removing his karambit, causing DITEE11201 to equip a crying face. Albert places him in a stroller and starts swerving around the road. DITEE11201 morphs into a baby once again and falls out of the stroller, then Albert decides to use Banisher on him with the Ultimate Trolling GUI, giving him a huge gun. Albert decides to choose another character and clicks "Calamity", giving DITEE11201 strange black-and-white auras and the ability to shoot beams of black-and-white. DITEE11201 continuously shoots people while shouting for help until Albert refreshes his character and pulls out a karambit, following him and repeatedly stabbing him, making DITEE11201 die. He respawns and morphs into a baby, and then Albert walks up to him and tells DITEE11201 to follow him. DITEE11201 proceeds to walk away from Albert, causing Albert to get annoyed and throw his karambit at him, causing DITEE11201 to die.


  • "waaaaaaaaaaaa..."
  • "hi"
  • "yay"
  • "get out"
  • "I don't fell good"
  • "I #######"
  • "I don't feel so good"
  • "Iyes"
  • "yes"
  • "what I this"
  • "stop"
  • "aaaa help"
  • "what"
  • "is going on"
  • "yes:("
  • "mom is the murderer"