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Creep is a shadow demon that originally came from Using Roblox ADMIN to terrify people at night...


Creep has a pure white face, yellow, straight teeth and black, bloodshot eyes. It has a massive shadow covering its pitch black body, leaving its pale face to pop out.


Creep resides in the Paradise, victimizing its residents. Its two first known victims were Izzy along with her younger daughter, rosey. As Creep likes stalking and destroying families the most, it took its chance when it was announced the Izzy and Mr.hooman recently got married. It secretly moved to their house to watch the two. An argument broke between them about Hooman presumably cheating on Izzy and that set their family apart. Izzy kept the house to herself and rosey. Meanwhile, Mr.hooman and his oldest daughter, Ari, would constantly talk about hurting her. However, Izzy would stay in the house for safety, not knowing that Creep was with her and her child. When Izzy let her guard down, Creep would murder rosey in her bedtime.

Creep would later see Mr.hooman, now Mike, in the house next to Izzy's. Mike has not gotten over her despite having a new family, Emliy not single, his girlfriend and baby, his new daughter. Though the parents slept in the same room as baby, that didn't stop it from stalking her. It was much harder for Creep, however, as Emliy constantly kept a close eye on her daughter and would almost catch Creep before it goes invisible. As Emliy goes out with baby, Creep finally decides to show itself to them, though it's unknown what the demon does to them next.

It doesn't always targets families, but also the mentally vulnerable. For example, jensenAkles1, now known as Arceidan. Jensen was first seen having a caveman-like interaction with his new friend, thereal_crayb. Creep thought that it might as well have some fun with that, seeing that jensen was insecure about his earrings, or as he likes to call them, "sawnick rings". The demon would use his new friend against him, telling crayb to call the "sawnick rings" earrings to get under his skin. The plan works and it turned crayb and jensen against each other, starting an argument. Creep would then control the speech of everyone around jensen, making them repeat "EAR RINGS" over and over. The situation distressed jensen and he struggled to ignore it, leaving him mentally scarred. Due to his attempt at ignoring it, Creep would nuke the Paradise.


  • Creep is mostly like a sleep paralysis demon.
  • Creep also haunts anyone, regardless of age.
  • Creep is 97 billion years old.
  • The face originates from an image on 2chan. For more information about the face go here.


  • Izzy
  • rosey (murdered)
  • baby
  • Emliy not single
  • Arceidan
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